Electronic textiles are also known as “Smart Textiles” or “intelligent garments, textiles or smart fabrics”.
Smart textiles are fabrics that have been developed with the new technology existing in the market. It providing added value to the customer. This type of fabric is capable of communicating, transforming, driving energy which traditional fabrics can not. Currently it is being applied especially in the field of health and sports. Consumers have become increasingly demanding; demanding the delivery of the product in less time and demanding more personalized products.
Innovation and specialization have become one of the sector’s bets to activate its recovery and growth in the national and international markets. It is a great challenge that affects the textile sector.
Think for example, in a shirt that can measure the constants of an athlete, or trousers that reduce cellulite; anti-odor underwear; a “body” with sensors that can foresee lumbar injuries, or a swimsuit that changes color in contact with water.
These are some of the possibilities offered by new technologies in the smart fabrics sector, a sector that is expected to reach 135 million sales this year according to “Eurecat”, Technological Center of Catalonia.

We can conclude that during the pass of the time it seemed that in the textile everything was invented and that you could only innovate by creating fashion. Now we can see that other trends open up, that much remains to be discovered. And that the garments that are manufactured with technological materials are able to improve having applied the new functions to the fabric.
These garments will continue to present us to others, being different and protecting us much more!

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