Classes of products that can be analyzed to obtain the certificate.
The analyzes of harmful substances according to the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX are always oriented to the corresponding purpose of the textile product. That’s why the principle is valid:

The more intense the contact of a textile product with the skin (and the more sensitive the skin), the greater the human-ecological requirements to be met.

Correspondingly, the textile products successfully tested are divided into four different product classes:

Class of products I:
Textile products and textile toys for babies and small children up to three years old, p. ex. underwear, jumpsuits, bedding, bedding products, stuffed animals, etc.

Class of products II:
Textile products, which during use according to their purpose come into contact with the skin on its largest surface, p. ex. underwear, bedding, towels, shirts, blouses, etc

Class of products III:
Textile products, which during use according to their purpose do not come in contact with the skin or do so with a minimum part of its surface, eg. ex. jackets, coats, stuffing materials, etc.

Class of products IV:
Accessory and decoration materials such as tablecloths, curtains, but also for covering the floor and walls, etc.

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