Special Fabrics

Special Fabrics

We offer you multiple special fabrics


The fabric with an antibacterial finish, seeks to reduce the number of microorganisms to safe limits and in this process antimicrobial products are used. Antibacterial tissues prevent odor by sweating.


The antistatic fabric is created, to protect people who use them from electrostatic charges. It is constructed of antistatic fibers and adapted to the fabric. It is used by those who work in laboratories or workshops where sensitive components are handled..


The hydrophilic finish allows the passage of air but not water. This fabric works like human skin, turning the excess sweat into droplets that drain by themselves and take it to the outside where it is expelled by the rest of the fabric that repels the water. In other words, it absorbs sweat.


Teflon is applied to fabrics to protect them against stains and dirt. This treatment does not affect the original appearance or texture of the fabric. It is used for repellent and release purposes. In this way it protects the fabric against stains and helps to remove them from the fabric.


By having a fabric the supplex finish, it turns out to be a fabric with a high elasticity and a unique softness. This fabric offers a well-being and a rapid transfer of heat and moisture from the body. Besides being easy, you need less washing. It dries quickly and does not need to be ironed, so it consumes less energy and time.


When a fabric is finished in Coolmax, the user is dry and comfortable. Dries moisture from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric, preventing it from getting wet. It is very useful for the practice of many sports. The fabric dries moisture faster than other tissues to regulate body temperature by evaporative cooling.

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