It is a synthetic textile chemical fiber, obtained from derivatives of petroleum products and oils that generate a continuous, resistant and light monofilament with which fabrics are manufactured.
It is known as nylon and comes in different forms, the most known are the rigid and fiber. It is a hard fabric and resists friction and wear.
The specialized textile companies, needed years to be able to elaborate the first solutions of spinning and design the machines so that these could transform the filaments into fibers. In the case of polyamide, the spinning is obtained by melting. On the other hand, polyamides are characterized by their optimum mechanical property, wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, high melting points, and good impact resistance.
The polyamide and its mixture of polyamide fibers are obtaining a high position in the sales market both in women’s and men’s outerwear, because they are easy care and have good properties of use.
Polyamide sportswear is gaining more and more ground in the fashion market. The experience and the correct dyes are essential to be able to produce high level results.
Occasionally, the bad habits of some athletes generate less durability of the garments, although polyamide garments are the most recommended for the practice of sports.
To extend the life of sportswear with polyamides, we detail some tips:
– Wash the garment immediately after finishing the sport with cold water.
– Use neutral soaps for washing.
– Do not use softener when washing, as the garment does not need it.
– Do not hang the garment in the sun. We recommend hanging the garment in the shade until it is completely dry.

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