When we refer to a waterproof fabric, we are talking about a treatment that is carried out to prevent the passage of water to the skin.
It is done in the finishing phase of the fabric, allowing the passage of air but not water. For making garments or different accessories. Our company finishes the fabric in optical white although the client can sublimate and give
It the color or print that they want.
It can also be washed in the washing machine, thus avoiding fading or rubbing. Drying is not recommended.

Uses and applications Water-repellent products give added value to the product, since anyone can stain it with a simple glass of coffee.

Another possible use is to apply it in the manufacture of swimwear, since this finish allows the garment to dry quickly and once the user comes out of the water the garment gets almost instant drying, avoiding possible diseases due to being in contact with the product for a while, humidity.

For the sports it is also important since they can continue practicing sport despite the rain. A sport in which it is applied is cycling.

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